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Seattle, WA

Hanna Brooks Olsen is a writer living in Seattle. 

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Seattle Tarot Card Reader

In addition to being a writer, Hanna Brooks Olsen is also a skilled tarot card reader available for hire in Seattle. 

In addition to being a writer and policy person, I'm also a skilled tarot card reader with over a decade of experience. Yes, really! The season’s hottest form of the occult is quite literally at your fingertips when you hire me.

Need a little entertainment in your bar? Having a party that could use a little extra something? Just need to get a little personal guidance (with someone who's not going to bullshit you)?

My friend, you'd better get yourself a tarot card reader. In fact, I see one in your future. 

With affordable hourly or nightly rates and a tough-but-cheery disposition, I'm your girl, whether it's a quick reading over lunch (I'll meet you downtown or wherever) or a table in the corner at a party. I’ve read at weddings, wine-and-cupcake soirees, birthday parties, store openings, and OF COURSE, Halloween parties.

If you're interested in hiring me, either personally or for a party or other event, check out my contact page. I'm flexible, easy to work with, and totally a draw.

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