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Seattle, WA

Hanna Brooks Olsen is a writer living in Seattle. 


Hire Me

Need copywriting, editing, editorial guidance, content management, or marketing consulting in Seattle? Hire me for your freelance copy and writing needs for a very reasonable rate. 

One cool thing about me is that I’m available for speaking engagements, freelance work, and consulting services. 

Why should you hire me? Because I've been a working journalist for over a decade and have headed up communications and content management in both the public and private sector. I can help you reach your desired audience, offer insight about what your website needs (or doesn't need!), and generally give your brand or campaign a boost.

Here are a few things I can do for you:

  • Copywriting. I have loads of experience in product, technical, and marketing copywriting and can make basically anything sound good or interesting.

  • Political messaging assistance. As a strategist and social media expert, I've used my work in the field to help craft messages that land with your target demo.

  • Editing. Clean copy matters. Let me clean it up for you!

  • Reporting. I am a bang-up reporter and have written some personal essays you may have read as well. If you like all of this, let me know.

  • Blogging/content/social media consulting. Everyone wants content, but not everyone knows a.) what content they want or b.) what makes for good content. Curious about content marketing? I can explain it to you and then do the damn thing.

  • Funny accents. Yes, really.

My rates are reasonable, my hours are flexible, and I’m a real delight to have around.

I'm also available for panel moderation, MCing, keynotes, and other speaking engagements. I've previously hosted events for Commute Seattle, ForTerra, Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance, and Transportation Choices Coalition. In 2016, I was Town Hall Seattle's Scholar in Residence and hosted multiple events. I've delivered talks at Ignite Seattle (watch my talk here) and Whitworth College. I'm a good talker! 

Into it?

You can see a lot more of my work here, or you can get at me and let’s talk it over. 


I have a database of friends and enemies who are also looking for creative work. Pop on over to the Pizza and Beer Institute to learn more.